Sunday, January 25, 2009

Really hate when I start my blog off with "been gone for a minute" but I was def out of town and sick for a minute :( Def better though but I wrote on the plane ride home from DC earlier last week and it kind of went like this...

This weekend was one for the books. Such a historical weekend from seeing Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker and Whitney Houston at BET Honors to Obama's 1st speech as Our new president... I'm SO happy and honored to be a part of it all... Even the MASSIVE amount of people in this one small location was ridiculous, 10min rides literally took us 4 hours because of all the re routing on Tuesday--now THAT right there was CRAZY, But I enjoyed EVERY second of it and wouldn't have missed it for the world. This weekend def made me realize that there is no limit but the sky and like B.Smith said at BET Honors--Not sure the exact quote but it was something along the lines of "If you have to stand on a mountain of no's to get one yes, then it's all worth it" that really stuck with me but it just makes you think of the journey we've been through to hear that one yes...Yes, being Mr. Barack Obama :)

Back to our normally scheduled program tmw!

PS- My god daughter was born last night and I'm soooo excited about that so shots to Lil' Chloe & one of my best friends Cece...Love ya'll!

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Andrea said...

congrats on the god-daughter and getting to be in DC for the inaugeration. glad ur back to blogging tho.