Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm just getting put on to this song *SaD* because I didnt purchase the deluxe "I am...Sasha Fierce" album but Ms. B has this one song called
that is probably one of the hardest songs on that album besides Halo, Disappeared, & Broken Hearted girl & If I were a boy & Diva & Beautiful Nightmare & Single ladies & okay Im done lol
But yeah, If it hasnt been listened to please do.
Def one of the problems I think I have, SMH. Meet someone you potentially like he'll "have me at Hello" and I'll expect so much and it usually crash lands far from me lol but yeah this isnt a venting post so I'm def not gonna go into detail with all that! Anyways I'd like to go there one day....Sigh


Reggie said...

Girl...I does love that song.....Hate her or love her, she always has ONE song that KILLS you....:)

Nise Monet said...

^^i agree^^

and i LOVE that song =)

Pro's Hood said...

i didnt get the album but it was the very song i downloaded love that shit

acekicfiend said...

that song even got me...its poppin