Monday, December 8, 2008

So today was a BORE not gon go in to detail but it was literally blaahhh….And then on top of that I got an email saying that my blog may be taken down becuz I post illegal links or something like that, which OMG I don’t..I get them from other sites…It's never me :(

Keyshia Cole really disappointed me with this freaking song like why would anyone even put this out man…so sad.
I Love You f/ Lil Wayne

The Dream- Rockin That Thang
I listened to this song likeeeee 87 times, the beats fun geez :)

This one's dope too
Common f/ Cee Lo- Make My Day
Saw common today at 106th and he made MY day lol…Sigh…Why is he with Serena in real life? "He saw her ass and cracked a smile" LOL Im the worst…no but for real this song makes me happy

Go Branddddyyyy!!! Ok, I love her I'm not even gon lie…So buying that tmw unless I can get it from Epic :)
Piano Man

Something's Missing
...Touching :(

Stumbled upon this greatness this afternoon…Tribute to Kanye West's 808's & Heartbreak cover track by track..Dope shit for real…This one's my fave :)

Def check the rest out on


zILLa said...

Yeah, Keyshia let me down on that one too... ugh!

And those 808s covers? I might have to jack! "He deserves an applause" LOL

Charlie Hilton said...

Holy shit, those Kanye album covers are amazing. Say You Will was my favourite song.

Charlie Hilton said...
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