Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look @ him! He can be my SuP3r Bo0

So I'm still a bit livid that I didn’t get to attend the Wale/Cudi/Colin show last night because of Musiq-- even though I love him and his show was great but I realllly wanted to see them as well ugh anyways I settled for the CDQ of "Super Boo" and listen to it 927238694376 times on the way home lol and it made me a little happy

Super happy because I found another blog for exclusive music. The site I religiously used got taken down and I was a bit down this week and last because of it but I found one just as good today :)

Like this song…this video…hm, let's see the rock approach was cool but his delivery was cheesy sorry

Good feeling listening to this..Am I late?
Game f/ Wayne- Red Magic

PS- I've come to the conclusion that I'm not linking anymore Zshare's to my blog cause if JusFlowin' goes down, I think I'llhave an axiety attack...So moving forward its straight up youtube or links to other sites lol

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