Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So I'm doing my daily music search (as I do EVERY morning) and yesterday I saw this casely song and I heard like 15 seconds of it and couldn’t bare because his voice sounds horrible on it to me…and today for some reason the song pops up again and right as I'm going to turn it off I like listen to the words and my chest caved in lol like I'm thinking about my past situation and this is another "explain it all" UGH! Just listen to the words cause his voice is a nooooooo go.
Did It For You

FYI my man is like 2 feet tall, literally…pobresito.

Anyways I really like this Daft Punk song
"Something About Us"

Like this too because Jaz did her "Dream Big" off this
Veridis Quo

Ohhh I
need the fullll cdq for thisss!!

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