Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ok soooo i try to keep myself OUT of the bs that goes on behind the scenes with labels...but this right here def deserves to be posted. I can sit here and ramble on all day about my thoughts but im not, def gonna end it here. Just listen.
Trey Songz- Misunderstood

Gotta support Steph's big brother Browz :) with this
Busta Rhymes- Arab Money song
Plus it's kindaaaa funny--His part at least

I havent watched TV in a MINUTE but I caught this Tyra show about women who bleach their face on a blog, and I literally sat through the whole 40minutes because it was so interesting like some of the things these women were saying was point out RIDICULOUS…You really just have to sit & watch.

I havent posted about Chrianna in a while but this recent post on YBF gives me hope lol Even though she's CLEARLY L I E I N G!!!

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