Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grrr sorry for the disappearing acts it really sucks butttt I'm in the process of getting my life together and have no after hour internet time. But I figured I'd take a second to write about my new favorite underdog…James Fauntleroy-- who I'm not sure how many people know em out there BUT I'm a bit excited and I'm so digging his music like I heard his stuff monthssssssssss ago and when I first heard his voice I wasn’t fond of it at all but the MUSIC was good…So I'm not gonna front I def slept on homeboy for a second just because I couldn’t deal with his voice at some points but he's droppin a lot of tracks with Timbaland that I'm realllly liking and I feel like his voice has IMPROVED a lot still not bomb--but its improving for sure... Like his image isnt too great but he's def doing it for me right now--def backtracking and listening to all the songs I slept on…Please listen.

Believer f/ Timbaland
Lets Do It f/ Timbaland (Sounds very Dream-ish)
Who's The Looser Now

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