Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I saw this man today…

...and my heart stopped, no lie.
If anyone knows the set up here where I work, they know that I sit a seat away from the mens bathroom (Derec sits directly in front), which can be great/bad but mostly great cause I don't sit that close where I can smell foul stenches…ANYWAYS, I'm minding my own bizness-- doing some work and I hear a familiar voice go "Ha! Don’t you have a crappy seat, having to see everyone who goes into the guys bathroom" I look up and see this tall guy in a yankee fitted, black aviators, and black v neck…when I tell you I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw like the shit just didn’t register--I kid you not, my mouth dropped and my eyes got so big and like I felt myself wanting to move but my body was in such a state of shock that it just froze! LOL When he closed the bathroom door, I turned around to my co-worker and her face looked exactly like mine which confirmed that the person who I saw 2 seconds ago wasn’t just my imagination cause for a second I really thought I was daydreaming. So when he comes out, of course I'm still shocked and went into cheese mode and once again had no clue what to do--like my co-worker waved at em and he stopped and waved back (so charming) and I so wanted to wave too like I was telling my arm to wave but it was still frozen like I straight up stared at it--motionless :( and by time that was over he was down the hall--Faded to black ahhhh! and that concludes my Jay-Z story on August 12th 2008.

PS- Besides the fact that J is good friends with one of the superiors here, Per Necole Bitchie, (which I read RELIGIOUSLY)--
There's some roc boy/ WMG bizness going on, straight KRAFT up in here. LOL

FYI-- This girl is beautiful if you didn’t know

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