Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dwaynnneeee- tell me you love me one more time lol cause I def earned you extra points w/ your "homegirl" aka little date last night--I bet she thinks you're like super cool now w/ your little V-neck :) xoxoxo
PS- I need your opinion on my "homeboy" lol so gay cuz when I see em I'm like "uhmmm do I really like him??"

So I saw this funny little muppet baby throwback for Kanye West's "Champion" dono if it's official but um def something to take a look at.

Random but I've played Chris Brown's "Forever"
like 7 times literally today lol
Speaking of my husband he leaked a new song called
that will be featured on the 2008 Olympics soundtrack :) Also, leaked another song called "Glow In The Dark" and Oh my! How I love this song <3

Also, for all the D' Angelo fans out there, BET is doing an album preview for his new "The Best So Far" album....Good stuff, has gotten me through the day...

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