Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soooo R.Kelly was REALLY REALLY found not guilty?? Likkkke who came to this decision because they need to be checked, seriously ridiculous...don't even know what to say. [[Article Here]]

Anyways, everyone is hopping on this A Milli beat aren't they? first Jay (I Think?), Then Lil Mama(SO WACK) now Chris B. has his lil version, no clue what he's talking about.... I heard something about a million white airs but yeah who's next? Someone told me Kanye is about to jump on it too…Waitinggg :)

New LL kinda late but, yes LL c0oL j and I LOVE this song it's featuring the Dream called Baby …heard it on the morning show the other day and got so pumped it was mega weird cuz it's LL cool J but yeahh good stuff.

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