Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dunn Dunned it awwwl!

Sorry for the backed up-ness (Yes! I make up my own words :)

This a milli freestyle thing is getting out of handdddd! Ne-yo!?!? And it's good, well the first part at least!!! WTF!?!?! What is going on?!?

Anywaysss in better news Rihanna got new tat's check em out on

(Bullet Point goes here) Trey Songz cut his hair, good look for him
LOL I was sooo close to dropping 2 and change for this BCBG dress his mom has on in DC a couple weeks ago
Check it on

To those who IM me on a regularly basis asking for what's new in the music world here's some recent ish, Enjoy:
Pharrell &a Nicole S.- Heartbeat
Lil' Wayne- Never Get It
Raheem DeVaughn?- Text Message
Madonna f/ Justin- Dance 2night (love the production of this song)
Can't forget Fiddy's "Sincerely Yours, Southside" mixtape that played all over the radio this week, Just in time for the summa and I gotta rep for my hoodingtin, DUH! :)

Katy Perry is so cool!
"Ur So Gay, and you don't even like boys"

And FYI I LOVE Shawty Lo- Dunn Dunn/Foolish lmao makes me wanna take another ATL trip, P O W!
Andddd he has the "Foolish" remix with Jim Jones! THA HANKS!

Opened with a Milli & closing with a Milli, late on this but in case you didn’t catch Wayne on FN MTV last week, he KABLAMMED this, the band did it for me once again lol and the end is so H OT, how you get off stage rapping into your tour bus like peace out bitchesssss lmao

Peace out for now, will be checking in later after 11pm…have to do my BET Awards review of course :)

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