Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Awwwlll The Awards

1st off--Kobe, how's my ass taste?


Im supppppperrr disappointed in Usher's performance....I mean the choreogrpahy was good but I was waiting for more likkkeeee I feel like he didnt step it up at all :(

Not sure what was going on with Kanye's mic during the Jeezy performance lol I know he had the T-Pain effect thing going on but it just wasnt sounding right!

LMAO Keyshia Cole's mom killlsss me HOLLA! She is that EMBARASSING mother you do not want to leave the house in the words of Steph "Not Never" Keyshia did kill it tho her dress was beautiful and "Heaven Sent" still makes my skin crawl

Neyo made Usher look like an effin rookie, why didnt he open the show?!?! Neyo did his thinggg ONCE AGAIN! AND he bought out the Jabba Wiggidy Walkies lol, LOVE HIM AS AN ARTIST FOR REAL, I dont know how many times I've said that lol
Where did Alicia Keys get her hips from in real life??? Like I don't understand and the fact that she bought SWV out!!! W O W & W O W AGAIN! AND EN VOGUE!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!? She shoulda opened up too!!! T L C???? Every single hair on my body stood up OMG LOL Im writing as Im watching obviously I can't deal!! This is all too much for me LOVE IT!

LMAO Did anyone catch the girl from Baldwin Hills when she read out loud the "dot dot dot" from the prompter OMG Per Cece my dude read braille lmaooooo

Why does TPain think he's part of the circus he's been dieing to announced that hes a ring leader/ the bicentenial man since he started wearing those top hats, Rick Ross really don't be giving a fuck with his gut awwwlll outt yuckkk
Chris Brownnn and Ciaraaaa KILLT IT! Rihannna get cho mannnn! LOL Kidding Ciara was mad unexpected but def dope, I think alot of people were waiting for that collab... loved the rain effects :)
How bout that man of a man Maxwell singing every girl in the audience's panties off during that Al Green tribute per Cece "every girl got pregnant during that performance" lol

G O O D N I G H T!!

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