Monday, May 12, 2008

VERY bad video from Raheem DeVaughn but I still love this song so I'll post regardless of the bad editing lol

Random questions but...

Does anyone else love CW 11's "The Game"? Melanie needs to give in already, forgive Derwin, and get back together!!

How pointless is this seasons "The Hills"?...Reallyhavent stayed up to date with the episodes this time around...not even excited about the season finale tonight shhhhh

Freakin Lloyd man, this guy has not released a bad track thus far, here's another great track, no surprise------>Heart Attack which is def something I almost had today ahhhh!! some things you just need to be prepared for!

Keri Hilson f/ Chris Brown- SuperHuman

LOL You know I can't post without writing something about him...FYI--I MIGHT have a new girl crush yay! Team Keri! Been following her for a while now back to Lloyd's "Help" with her on the hook... I wonder if this is her first single?

And last but not leastttttt Happy Birthday to one of my favorite pussyboy's in the world Dwayne LaFlowerrr!! Love youuuu!!! Get Better!!!

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