Sunday, May 11, 2008

Before I get into anything I've been PATIENTLY WAITING for this video to air and it's finally here!!!
David Banner f/ Chris Brown & Yung Joc- Get Like Me (Stuntin Is A Habit)-- there's nothing to it but yeah LOL I swear I love em like there's serious feelings for that "19" year old boy in my 21 year old body, lmao

Oh Yeah, New CBreezy- Last To Know
Get on it, I've played this song 487234762347863 times since Friday.

I have no words for Ebony's June Issue...Can't deal

Oyy and while I'm dumping myself on Chris lol, might as well go into pics of my favorite couples right now lol dono if I'm just obsessed with these 2 or am just in need of a bf to take cute pics with but I'm so loving these couples down yonder

FIRST! Chris & Rihanna for obvious reasons...

Then there's Angela Simmons and Terry Kennedy....why?? no cluee maybe it's cause I had a super crush on TK back in the day (when myspace FIRST EVOLVED) and think that Angela is one of the flyest young girls out there doing her thing but there's something about this "innocent"/rebel thing they have going on that I LOVE, not sure how long this will last but for the time being it's DEF A GOOD LOOK!

And, of course last but never least Jay & B...I grew up watching this relationship lmao you have to love it! Come on! I shed a tear when I heard they were finally getting married...TRU STOR!

Random but def not a favorite Mariah & Nick...Soulmates? I guess there's really someone out there for everyone...

Usher leaked a couple tracks off his new album some I loved and some just did not do it for me, here's the ones that made the cut

Just Like Me

Haa! and before I forget lol HOW COULD I FORGET...New music from Weezy who woulda thought, a lil T-pained ballod dedicated to his styrofoam lovely, enjoy.

Me & My Drank


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