Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chri Mi A River

Chrihanna is flooding the web these days....gosh, I can be so naive sometimes lol I really do love them together but the more I see all these pics I'm starting to believe that it is a publicity stunt which is cool and all that jazz, but a couple months ago Rihanna didnt want to be seen with anyone nor did she want to talk about whoever she was dating and all of a sudden bam her and chris are the "it" couple around town? Kinda phishy to me, I might retire posting about these 2 unless a sex tape omg no.

"Ya'll don't be knowing the jams..."
lol this was forwarded to me and I had to post because it's kindaaa funny and even though I couldnt stand this song in the beginning it grew on me BIG TIME, and seems to be having the same effect with alot of other people. I heard that the 6th listen is the one that gets you hooked...a little birdie told me that this video along with the Day 26 "Got Me Going" [FYI- their album is a must cop] video is set to premiere on TRL sometime next case anyone was interested.

Aw she's grown now...I remember "Promise Ring" was one of the first posts I ever posted, how lovely.

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