Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wish me health...

...because I'm silently going insane, and I can't understand why...I mean I know why, I just can't understand it. Guess both parties didnt think shit would get this deep. I need time away from here and the "point" of my slight insanity is what will drive me to take a little trip. True Story.

Sooo BET Ripped The Runway(still exhausted from it and that ish was like 2 days ago) taped in Sean John and yached up Amaya's swimwear likeee...????Whips and Chains was all I could think about when I saw that collection, you'll see what I mean when it airs on the 3rd..or the 4th? One of those days. Lauren London looked gorgeous as usual and my heads a lil big because a million and one people confused me for her through out the night pahahaha, I don't see it, but hey if everyone else does then its all good in the hood. Pics are down yonder.

On a healthier note, Last night I went to this washed up "Winterfest" concert whoa! what was that for? lol I'm T-pained out like literally, my dude took up the whole show by singing every chorus that he's been seriously? Jim Jones got disrespected/violated something crazy, I guess him and DJ Enuff have some type of meat and all of a sudden when it was Jimmy's time to perform the speakers were messing up repeatedly and Jim got fed up and literally chuck the deuces, said "ny i love you but i'm out" and disbursed! and that was the end of the show, everyone just stood there mad confused lol oh well! Rick Ross definately killed it when he did "The Boss" please find official video below :)

A couple weeks I posted pics from Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air" video and here it is. Jordin looks really pretty, I love Chris lol but the uhm last part at the piano, blew mind....was that for real or for fake?

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zILLa said...

gosh i love him (and his nostrils! they're perfectly sculpted)... wish he didn't look like H, ughhh