Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spaced Out

My computer is back up and running "thanks god!" which means I get to talk that random ish again! :)

So I'm on my fave blog concreteloop catching up on the outside world and saw a picture of--I will admit, if the rumors are true--> "my fave new couple" Chris Brown & Rihanna
>>>girl crush & boy crush<<<
can it get any better?

Late again, but any words on the "Flashing Lights" video?
I don't know what to think of it... like I don't dislike it because I can't, but as I try to look beyond the video--because clearly its not just a hot girl killing Kanye...I'm not sure what I'm looking past...thoughts anyone? I'm still shocked that BET and MTV played this, crazi mang.

Trey Songz-Last Time

Nukkas aint shiieett! True storyyy
This video is hot though..."I hope it aint too hot" Pahahaha
Okay on a serious note this video is pretty good, might be one of his best.

Cheri Dennis' album drops 2-26-08 FINALLY and the ish is iigght!
After 49364782647368 years on Bad Boy lol my dude is getting her music out at last!

Loving this song especially :)

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