Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Guess who's bizack!? :) It is I, the magnificent!
Only cuz I swore to Lace'ums to hit her with some of my randomness and if I didnt Id stick a needle in my eye...LOL I shoulda been eyeless right now.
So even though I'm like a day late on Grammy talk, I still must speak on my 2 highlights:
Kanye's performance was breathtaking...literally! I've never been so choked up about a performance ever...maybe it was cuz of my personal experience but when he sang "Hey Mama" wow....I havent cried that hard in a minute. He is truly amazing and I cannot WAIT till the Glow In The Dark concert!

My girlfriend Rihanna lol...Everyone needs to stop talking about her and Jay's moment because it was NOT that serious I'm gonna have to agree with Josie and say that it was definately cute like WTF? Hop off!

"Muh Blake!" Almost forgot Amy Wino who is soo sickk man but I love dearly man....LoL she had a lil swag thing going on too, a little cracked out but I mean hey this is what happens when you do dope kids!
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The ladies and I celebrated Ce's 21st Bday in the city this weekend and we had such a good ol time--bar hopped, took pix with random people, even had room key! Love ya ladies :)

Loving Raheem DeVaughn right now...Well I have for the longest, but this is my repeated song of the day...Just a snippet, enjoy tho xo


f deez said...

nunu-ingtong! link already will you, we gotta support each other shawty!

CeCeRockscuzShes21 said...

ahhhhh yes my birthday weekend what a joyous occasion it was indeed...IM LIKE HELLA GLAD YOU PICKED PICSS WHERE WE ALL LOOKED GOOD...THNX

and about this RIhanna as UR girlfriend thing...NO...you can have Chris Brown...Ive been crushing MS. FENTY for like forever!!

cecerockscuzshes21 said...