Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She want that old thing back!

In the midst of the triangle lol I am back to the bs that I love! POWWWW!

And I know, I know :) Did'nt even know this was the next single...I'm so lostttt lol gee wiz...Lace whats your opinion on this one??

Estelle f/ Kanye West
Wheres my american boy? Ugh! Mad Atlantic cameos in this video..My shorty might be in it...shhhh lol kidding?!?! geezusss

Mariah Carey- Touch My Body
Have'nt been a fan of the Mariah Carey videos lately but this video is pretty funny & nerdy, I like...Kudos :)

Yea, so this right here, I love! lol
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