Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Breakin Records

Muther Effin Mano!
Doing his thing as always! Spoke to the kid the other day and it's no surprise to hear that he's DJing on MIA's upcoming tour--loving it, CONGRATS! :)
PS--when's the ny date? Cause I'm sooo there! lol

And because I'm such in a hipster mood, I have to touch base on
Santogold, THA HANKS! Heard this girls name early in the summer and I kind of let her fall in between the cracks...WHY DID I DO SUCH A THING?! I heard "Creator" in Forever 21 like last month (I swear one day I'm just gonna sit down in that store and listen to there whole compilation cuz they play some crazy ish) and fell in loveeeeee. Gotta say homegirl is definately on point, catch her in this month's VIBE who's next section, cuz next up is def what it is.

J F K aka M I A [[lol]]
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...has reinvented himself and is back to the blogging scene, I guess this is the only way to keep up with you these days huh? Free Nights & Weekends

Imeem is featuring Janet's new album "Discipline" listened to it like 3x's time...thats a good thing :)

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