Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Live & Learn

'07 is out, '08 is in...Crazy how time flies, and through it all I learned so much. I'm all about soaking things in and learning as much as I can...wheather the situation is good or bad, everything is a learning experience. Never regret anything because it prepares you for your overall FUTURE. I definately had my share of life lessons this year in work, relationships, family, friendships, love, even school--which I did not attend this year at all but will do in the '08...who knows what else, but I thank all my counselors/teachers/mentors--you should all know who you are cause I love you soooo much and you all mean soo much to me and hold a dear place in my life.
Let the good times roll in! Cheers to new beginnings! Cheers to '08!

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