Thursday, January 3, 2008

Greats in the '08

So Kanyeez-ingtin--- or someone in his camp is back to blogging...That's a great thing.

Lace'ums put me on to ....That's a great thing.

Tmw's Friday and the day after that is Saturday and it'll be 43 degrees... That's a great thing.

I love the "2000 and Great" slogan?... That's a great thing.
(a toast to all the vacay's I'll be taking this year!)

Shortly after his resignation from Def Jam, Jay announces he's starting a label with Apple... That's a great thing
Ok...Im done with the great things...That's a great thing.

So! I meant to post this earlier but had no time...I've heard this song before awhillleee ago but can't remember where I heard it... Dwayne this is your turf I know it, Please advise lol

Random 'Great' Thought:

Amerie's first album was soo effin great...I forgot how much I loved it.

Peep that I only used ONE color in this blog. :)

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