Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This lil heart of mine

Indeed its been a HOT minute since I've written on my good boy blog...BUT! I've been busy forgive me por favor, things just don't feel right if you not grinding ya know?...Anyways I got a day off 2day and it feel HELLA wierd to be home chillen, definately feels like something forbidden lol. So I took advantage of the day and went to the tat spot on the ave and got a light heart on the back of my ear (APPLAUDES 4 ME). It was due time for some ink and this lil heart of mine was definately appropriate due to many reasons that I will keep to myself until further notice =)

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So while I was home channel surfing, catching up on my shows and what not I ran into this funny commercial of Mr. Vitamin Water himself & I must say this was a pretty good way to make up for his slip up on the BET awards KUDOS!

SMH at the crazy ass weather that I woke up to this morning like really...was all that called for?? I think not...felt like I was in 'war of the worlds' or something grr I hate thunder...where are the sunny days?? because I definately need a trip to the beachingtin( FYI shouts to Harlem for the -INGTIN ending because even though I'm a bit late on it, it's so wack that Raps & I have it on SMASH LIKE PEPSI and are gonna make it CORNIER THE CORN! LOL)
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So in conclusion to this entry...rain rain go away...and?? yea this pic down here is the definition of a perfect evening! =) Toodlez.
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OH YEA...Breakfast Club Breezy...Love em ((SIGH)) Send me away in cuffs...its all good =)

WALL to WALL ReMix Ft. ElePhAnT MaN
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Gracias to myspace for the lovely pic lol--Im a clown I know!

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j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

so0o I'm LOVING the tat!!!
exactly what I'm doing but
I'm getting a music note instead of the heart ;-]] it's cuteee