Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Theres a 1st time for everything

Before I do my little introduction! I have to put ya'll on to some new Keyshia Cole...Something to vibe to (as Josie would say...CANNON!)


If he ain’t gonna love you the way he should, then let it go (Let it gooo-ohhh)
If he ain’t gonna treat you the way he should, then let it go
(Lil' Kim)Uh, Uh, Uh Here’s a lil lesson,
Lil’ Kim don't stress em'
Kick em' all straight to the curb like Beckham


So! a blog! FINALLY! after months and months of debating I figured why not!? Theres so much shit that I need to get out and this is the PERFECT place! I will admit that there are a couple people who have inspired me to do this so shout outs to those people...DRUMROLL PLEEASEE!! 1st & foremost that dope guy named Curtains? lol I think thats his name, because his blog was one of the first blogs that I started actually reading and found pretty interesting...keeps me entertained..Then we have the other SB, well the OFFICIAL SB* whos such an INTELLECTUAL! point blank i love it...and lastly we have Miss Raps aka English Major...THE BOSS! whos had a blog for awhile and doesn't have 1 entry yet...but when she does start writing I know it will be great! =) Anyways not much to say right now...Im still kind of shocked at the whole Stacks situation...RIP...Didn't know em but it's crazy how 1 minute you're here and the next your not...and its also crazy how all of a sudden that was everyones "right hand man" when I know damn well a majority of ya'll did'nt know em. I respect the fact that ya want em to rest in peace, show love and all that but I just cant get over all the away messages I've seen 'to my homie stacks blah blah, to my nigga stacks blah blah'...Like ugh* whatever maybe I'm just talking a bunch of BS. It just bothers me..but Im sure someone out there gets my drift.



PS-JOSIE you are very slow...Cece where you at?? Im waiting for your first entry kiddo because I know there will be jokes. lol

OH!! P.P.S- Is anyone(beside Josie & I) mad at T-pains album or was that sort of expected?? I mean I can count on half my hand the # of good songs on the album lol BAD BUSINESS!

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j o s e. [ caNnOn !] said...

so0o yea...
&&T-Pain sucks!...end of story