Friday, June 22, 2007


Song of the day is definitely going to be...
"Us Placers" By Mr.West, Mr.Fiasco, & Mr .Williams
& they love it...& they love it =)

This song just puts me at peace...I don't know what it is but as as corny as it may seem, its true.Thanks to the Bugg for putting me onto this song. I'm soooo happy its friday FINALLY!! This week has been hella long & hectic but I must say I enjoyed it...learned alot at the office got the low-down-dirty skinny(who says that?) on a lot of inside stuff.

So I just heard the cutest songggg! Tiffany Evans "Promise Ring" VERY CUTE!Good song to bump to this summer!. Too bad guys don't do shit like that anymore tho...Promise rings?! least not the guys i know smh!Anyways heres the video...not too crazy about it...actually I'm not crazy about it at all..bad production...I like her pink microphone tho! --and why is Ciara featured on this??? someone tel me because she doesn't even sing on this track!! let the new girl shine on her own geez! but whatever I will not be a hater.

Thats all for now folks! P E A C E

PS-I'm kinda digging this this blogging thing even though it leaves no time for my diary...YES i still keep a diary..and?!=)

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