Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Maxwell, the things you do to me... lol smh.

On a brighter note, Mariah Carey's album is making me feel a little better through these uh..."tough times" lol def think a lot of the songs are passed her time, like I wish it was a younger artist but none the less I'm still bumpin' (Thx to Sir Mr.Dream and his genius -ness lol) so go cop--in stores tomorrow :)

" I can't wait to break through these emotional changes seems like such a lost cause...I can't wait to face you...I can't wait to hate you"

"I was too patient, even when you wasn't enough...So cheers, toast, bravo to you-cause you're the man of the hour.....Round of applause to the biggest fool in the world...Give em all that you got and he'll still ride into the sunset with the next girl"
Standing O


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