Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love you and leave you lost...will you forgive me?

Maxwell "Bad Habits"
 Everything, and when I say 'everything' I mean EVERYTHING I wanted this video to be AND more. From the lighting to the shadows to the angles to the eerie music/flashback at the end...hands down S E X Y--> and to top it off it played off "Unfaithful" in almost every way---BOMB! one of my favorite movies.

Re-Posting "Stronger" because I just took note that my homie Hit-Boy of the Surf Club
(If you don't know bout them--kill yourself, they got next.) produced the song--Always gotta shout him out since I ALWAYS winde up loving his songs and finding out last minute that he produced them lol
Also, listen to "The Wood" Surf's up :-P

Drake still going hard for his hometown, bad knee and all...Can't knock it.

Also check out Trey Songz thoughts on the performance on

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