Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Remember the time...

Been in BET hell the last couple weeks hence me being MIA (I swear I don't do it on purpose, there's always a legit reason, promise!) But awards are over and I'm back to doing this refreshing little thing I called blogging.

First off, RIP to THE KING. So blown when I heard the news but we all have to leave this earth at some point in our lives...

Man I love that video...Like THAT right there is a VIDEO. SMH I just keep imagining the music industry during that time...That man sold 750 million records! Like I don't think people understand that we will NEVER see that again in our lifetime... I'd set myself back a couple years just to experience that.

Secondly and lastly I had to post some of the records...albums?(Don't hink people say records anymore lol) that dropped this week, Gotta love when new ish drops.

Maino "If Tomorrow Comes..."
Tomorrow is here! NY Stand up!
Faves be: Million Bucks, Remember My Name, Here Comes Trouble, Let's Make a Movie, Hood Love(this shouldve been last years summer anthem smh!), Celebrate

Trey Songz "Anticipation"
Not an album but it might as well can someone get this on the racks? Itunes? I'm just saying.
Guys take notes, thanks.
Faves Be: Famous, Does She Know, Infidelity (Realest song I've heard in a while--kept that one on repeat), You Belong To Me, Yo Side of The Bed

Jeremih self-titled
As he said on 106th, he's def not R&B solely--R&B Poppy as I'd like to call it lol diff sound and there's nothing wrong with that.
Faves Be: Break Up to Make Up("Why break up if we keep making up, I mean let's just stay together" :) ), Raindrops, Imma Star, Jumpin

LMAO Almost forget this Drake or Jimmy in this case, as MJ on 'Degrassi'
Thanks to ChaseNCashe for this one! lol

PS- Shouts to WayneO as he's the only reason I wrote today :)

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