Monday, July 13, 2009

I fell in love on a Monday...

...a Music Monday that is :)

"1 is the key, 2 is the door, 3 is the path that will lead us to 4, 5 is the time you kidnap my mind into ecstasy"
Had this song on my itunes for a minute and I'm literally just hearing it this AM.
Why? I have no idea, but the moment I heard it I fell hard smh I promise you music is like my boyfriend lol and I'm so not promiscuous with it cause I stay "falling in love" but this song is just great to me...It has this foreign sound to it on the low (aside from the "Un poquito de tu amor" towards the end) but yea I heart it, F with it.

"Always stuck in fantasy when you're here so I do what I do when I'm alone in this room. Its really not a game, your my pleasure and pain but its a special kind of hurt and I'm going insane, but oh i like to play you when I'm alone in this room. Is it some kind of spell you do? Cause I'm swearing up and down it got me"
Another song I fell for this morning lol gotta love Music Mondays...This girl's voice is AMAZING, hope she gets somewhere with it for real.

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