Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Valentines day- ya love what I do"

Didn't blog last week, work is getting kind of hectic but if I did this is probably how it woulda gone down.

First off, this Fab parody of Dame's days at DefJam had me rollllllling just like the staff in the back audio
"Ya'll don't know shit about pizza!!!"
Esso's "Flight School (Fort Rucker)" I see you Es :) nicely shot, kudos to the director

Dono what it is about Wale, but he carries this uh thing we call 'swag' (which needs to be retired NOW) that puts me on 100% lol tryna figure out what it is, when I do I'll get back to ya'll :)

Shouts to both the homies, cause this right here certified dope, don't think I've stopped playing since I got it. Good ish boys.

:Sigh: that's all I'ma say....It's gonna be a crazy summer.

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