Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"So lifted, I walk on clouds"

Beside hearing everyones opinion on Trey Songz "D.O.A Kellz" song lol aint ish go down that sparked my interest today, Grr :-/ still figured I'd post some randomness, why not?

Late on a couple songs below, due to my little disappearing act but these
 songs RIGHT here! Have def been on constant rotation since I DL-ed em

Mp3's on deck! Ya'll know the deal (I get in trouble on the low lol)

F with Amerie and her music but I'm not sure about this video, LOVE the song but I think she tried TOO hard on this one.

L A S T, but not least
Pleasure P
"The Introduction of Marcus Cooper"
In stores now--Like a cop car! lol
Good ish ya'll that's all I'ma say.
Dope album over all but my fave fave favess fo life lol
Let Me & Fire Lovin'
Listen to that and get back to me!

PS- Listen to Curt@!ns new song f/ Tyrese "Tomorrow"

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