Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My ex told me I had writers block today...I can, from time to time but my friend is going through some crazy ish and maybe I'm just rambling but this is what came to mind en route to Jerz from the city this evening...

Women. They can be SO dumb when it comes to men... And I'll truthfully admit that I've been one of those women. We set out to be someone's number 1 but always end up number 2...Why? Because half the time we put ourselves in that situation and don't take ourselves out of it early enough...We move forward with the thought that perhaps we can be the one to change him, maybe we'll be his only one and most of the time he already has that one and clearly just looking for a number 2, 3 or 4. I truly think that sometimes being number 2 just happens and I blame it on time not the guy cause I've been there.... Not once but twice and both times it was the same story...You try to pull out (pause) but by the time you're ready to make that decision it's too late in the game because you've already invested time and feelings....Can't do it again and def won't allow it. Hurts to see and hear the same stories from some of best friends but then again it just reminds me of how hard it was for me and how I'd never go back there ( A lot of what I learned is from other peoples experiences). Men call us crazy but it's only because it's what they drive us to. They say one thing and turn around and do the exact opposite, shit like that MAKES us crazy. I've always handled the truth well, so why lie? At the end of the day I respect a man who can hold their own and state real facts....no point in lieing--just makes situations worst. Dude has a GF? You decide to ignore that and get hurt in the end, that's your fault cuz you proceeded with it and you knew, but hopefully you learn from it and choose your steps carefully next go round. Timing people, I count on it. Right now, def aint my time and I know that but it'll come around....Patience, no rush ladies. At the moment it may seem like finding that one may take an eternity but God has a plan for everyone, as redundant at it may sound... it's true.

*On repeat*


stephanie said...

"lot of what I learned is from other peoples experiences."

me too.

Lacezilla said...

"I've always handled the truth well, so why lie?"