Saturday, May 16, 2009

Love this video :)

OMG The blowhorn and the whistle!!! :-X lmao

Tit-tays much? lol 
Ace of Spades bowling, I likes

Mario covers a couple oldies

Some more Melanie, very island-y..."sad songs are the best songs"

Jennifer Lopez's new single "What Is Love" 
Shouts to Wynter on the writing tip

Saw this on GWHH and I must say it took me back a lil...This grammy perf. was super emotional for me...Good stuff though "Hey Mama (Grammy Studio Rmx)"

PS- Ya'll need to listen to my homie Angel's song called "Starve"
Finally got to hear something by her, so pumped! We coming to the A soon mama!! :)
Check out her myspace too

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