Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SMH at my night last night...well the latter end of it. Went to Buttahman's party at Velour(If ya'll havent check out Fablife Tuesday's @ velour ya'll are tripping--GOOD TIMES!) So that was cool saw a lot of people that I havent seen in a while (and who didn’t remember me SMH) then went to One partied up a bit…nice time. Gratefully Net & I got a ride home from Billy J & his homies and the mutha effin cops pull us over for NO reason…I mean dude who was driving was a bit twisted BUT long story short he was accused of NOTHING & THE COPS LIED ABOUT MAD ISH! locked him up and all that. Then to add to that the cops were MAD racist! Like it got to the point where we went looking for dude and when we went to one of the precints the cops told us that they'd take us to dinner at Popeyes if the accusations were false. Like at the moment it was hilarious but in real life a pool of white cops telling 3 black people they were gonna take us to a chicken spot is absurd to me. SMH things really need to change.

I wish I was in the studio when this song was being recorded…I would've literally broke my neck cuz this song right here is ridiculously insane.

"I was flying now I'm crashing, this is bad, real bad Michael Jackson. Now I'm mad, real mad Joe Jackson"
Keri Hilson f/ Ne Yo & Kanye- Knock You Down
Thanks to Lowkey for the put on :)


Kiwi said...

I was just think about that song Knock You Down and I know Rhianna can relate to this song...literally!

Ziggy Za. said...

A chicken spot? Really? I probably would have laughed at the time too, maybe for a second or so.

I'm feeling the new Keri joint as well, which is good because she was starting to rub me the wrong way.

ShanaB. said...

Yeaa her album is sounding prettttyyy good, I must say

Ron Bass said...

WOWOWOWOW, I may have re-injured my knee. That new Keri song is way out of control. That's real feel good music.

And Kanye said it best "Racism still alive, they just be concealing it" Sorry you had to go through that.