Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ms. Yeah*

SMH at the Chrihanna case/arraingemnet being pushed to April 6th and CB being charged with 2 felony counts, I know he's shittin bricks right now. As the news develops the shock is growing all over again. Like, I can't even comment on it cause it's still like for real Chris? Like I look at him and just want him to start crunkin like wtf? I dono dudes, and then they're back together already??????!!!!!! Geezus Christmas I can't deal...I lost so much respect for them, sucks...used to be my boos. I started reading this book today by Steve Harvey called "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" LOL it's the #1 best seller and he was on Oprah! Anywho, this paragraph stuck out to me for my own reasons but yeah it just made me think...
"Many of you figure if a man truly loves you, the two of you should be able to pursue your dreams together. Stability is important to you, but you'd rather build the foundation of your relationship together, no matter the man's station in life. This is honorable, but really, it's not the way men work. His eye will be on the prize, and that prize may not neccesarily be you if he isn't where he wants to be in life...The way you help him get there is to help him focus on his dream, see the vision, and implement his plan"
So! This guy The Dream's album isssss sooo ridiculously ridiculous lol I can't take it, this man is so consistent with the song transitions like that's probably my favorite part of his albums but on some G shit...Take U Home 2 My Mama, Love vs Money, Fancy**, & Mr. Yeah are my FAVESSSS! Everything else I pretty much heard already( and are just as good) but those righttt there sheeeeiiit. Dude always goes IN hasnt failed yet, kind of refreshing in a way :)
"That girl is fancy...Go girl...She's only 22* and ahead of her time...Made her way from nothing, can't fault her for wanting something..."

Finally got a chance to hear the Lily Allen album and I must say I LOVE this song :)
Back To The Start
PS- Lily is def lookin like a honey lately lol

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Ziggy Za. said...

Yeah, Lily Allen's getting a little more money now, so she's picking up that star look. Still don't know how I feel about Dream, so I damn sure don't know how to feel about his album. We'll see.