Monday, March 9, 2009


The Biggie quotes on Twitter today are flowing pretty dopely, shouts to that!

Happy Birthday Billy
My favorite boy in the world-- who will always be 8 in my eyes, turns 15 today :)
Shouts to my dad to who turned an archaic number a couple days ago too lol.

The Hamburglar looks very flamboyant with that red leather in this video and there's a lot of LV going on with Fab/Juelz…Guess it's a NY thing lol

Another Hamburglar video, I think he's gay..Like the poses in the Limo, are not too cool to me and that's all good but yeah that's my opinion. Mariah looks crazy she looks like J.Lo circa 2002 in that Ja Rule video SMH at this disastrous video lol

Listened to Keri Hilson's album and it's not too bad…I mean I never thought she was a bad artist, I just think she cakes a ton of make up on but I mean to each there own... she def has her own litte style to an extent as she does mock Ciara in some cases.
As for the album, Def feeling Intuiton (Liking the beat very oriental?), Alienated, Where Did He Go ( Funny cause I heard this song years ago and liked it, glad she put it on the album) Tell Him The Truth, & of course Knock You Down :)

On the other hand Low posted this
Soulja Boy "Swag" cover she did and her vocals are def on point, fuck what u heard lol she murked this!

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Eb the Celeb said...

you are funny.. love the blog... I'm looking forward to the album.. havent listened to the entire thing though