Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've heard this song a couple times (Shouts to Dwayne, If I dont give him his props he'll have a fit) but I never LISTENED to the song till this morning…And like I've stated before "you never know what lyrics mean until you're actually going thru them" because it's obviously clear what he's talking about in this song but I don't know I guess it jst never registered, ish is pretty deep though….Definitely wana go one day.

"Fuckin up my mental when I think about you, in my room plotting out how to start reach out to you…Its by far the most dangerous subject to touch yet we acting like its lust? Yea right, will lust have you up at 5 writing a text trying to get a thought up off ya chest?"

Blu & Exile "No Greater Love"

Loving this "Knock You Down" videeooo!!! I think Keri & Kanye have a thing going on, that’s just my opinion though…And no homo but Keri got a good pair of thighs on her lol.

Shouts to all the homies in this video too, I see ya'll :)

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