Sunday, March 1, 2009

I really must say that I HATE when I go days and days without writing in my blog...Like yea I post alot of nothing sometimes but like it's really refreshing to write, weather it's posting a new song or video like it helps my day go faster, on some real ness...and it doesnt matter if I only have 40 followers or if I only have a couple hits someones reading and at the end of the day that's super duper dope to me.
The last week has been kind of hectic hence the reason the last post was Kanye's new video that I'm still madly in love with and can't wait to watch that on the clouds lol. Anyways, when I say I've been 100% out of the loop for the past week I kid you not...Like I heard Chrihanna was back together, can someone explain that to me? In the back of my head I kind of knew they would but whatever she looks hella dumb in my eyes smh.

Let's see what else on the music tip I've listened to Omarion's new song "Comfort" f/ Lil Wayne a million and one times since I heard it Wednesday I believe. The execution F I R E. Sheeit, I was convinced homie fell off. SMH at me fiending for me as a teen lol

Was at BET's after party for Rip THe Runway last Saturday and fell in love with GoGo music lol especiall this right here UCB- Sexy Lady (Everyone knows I'm a suckerrr for live bands straight LIVE lol)

Oh and lastly but definitely not least :) I'm part of another movement by the name of ARRT Ent. and we threw our first after work event called "Tastemaker Tuesdays" which turned out so succesful, super happy about that and can't wait till the next one. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported! This month it's going down even crazier as BET's very own Stephen Hill will be hosting. Hit me up for more info. if you want to slide through on March 31st!
Terrence J & Stephen Hill


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