Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a bit upset at the title of this article and what it consists of?
"Obama Makes Exceptions To Promises"
Like has BO been in office for even a month yet? 1 man can't change the world in a matter of days…This country was left in a very rough position and it's going to take some time to fix…We can't expect it all to turn around so quick, come on people.

So I went to go see Lykke Li last night and before I go into how AWESAMAZING she is…I have to say that I was put on to the
"Jaydiohead Mash Up" Thanks! I heard of this awhile back and it was revisited at dinner, listened to it this AM…I'm hooked. Fall In Step & Ignorant Swan *FAVEES*

Back to Lykke who I fell in love with all over again…By the time I got there it was def packed so I couldn’t see much (Flippin industry ppl lol) but she def ROCKED the shit out of her set…Highlight def was when she covered "A Milli" andddd even though I will admit (Sorry Lace, Im working on everything NON_URBAN) I had no idea who Kings Of Leon was, the "Knocked Up" cover she did was hellllllllllllla fly. Lykke's a G, Hands down...I wish I would of taken pictures :(

Looks like Latif is slowly making his way back to the music scene…I mean know he's been writing but yea these leaked recently. I pray to the good lord above that these arent Surf Club songs lol Hit-Boy!! I swear I don't leak this stuff, I'm just the early ear
Say Something
I Don't Wanna Be

And for those who don't remember Latif listen to
"I Don't Wanna Hurt You"
Steph memba dis shit?!?! Throwwwiee


Yves said...

Obama will have critics through his entire presidency, just gonna have to get used to it.

ShanaB. said...

good point

Reggie said...

I love that song!!! (Latif)

*going to post it on my blog******