Sunday, February 8, 2009

And my random grammy comments beging

8:08p Whitney is still on crack...smh
8:13p I'll always love JT :)
8:15p the high notes battle between Al Green & JT found that very funny for some reason
8:21p who's this hot white actor guy introducing coldplay?
8:22p (Learns hot white guys name)Simon Baker Hello :)
8:23p Oh Hey Jay with Coldplay...Where did you come from??
8:24p Yeaaaaa!!! I love this songg!!! Viva La Vidaaa!!
8:25p a bit disturbed by the too short top exposing the pub trail...this song is still beautiful tho lol 8:27p Is that a pastel purple jacket that Puff is wearing?
8:28p NecoleBitchie tweets that Rihanna is in hospital and police have been looking for Chris since this morning....:( :( :(
8:54p Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus ....I cant with them but this song is kinda nice. Miley can't sing in real life smh.
9:00p Go ahead J Hud, great voice man and she looks beautiful.
9:10p Haha Stevie Wonder on Autotune I love this Jonas songgggg! Theyre so cute :)
9:14p Blink182222 loved them!!!
9:23p Katy Perry looks like a bag of Willy Wonka Runt's
9:27p Kanye looks crazy
9:28p Yeaaauhhh Estelleee
9:36p Wassup with Morgan Freemans hand?
9:50p yeaaaaa fuckennn yeaaaa MIA looks adorable this black n white shit is classsiiiccccc
10:08p LL shouts Farmers out yeaaaauhhhhhh
10:11p Adele man, Shouts to Lace puttin me on to her once upon a time ago
10:15p According to TMZ Chris turned himself in...I refuse to believe he hit Rihanna, stop the MADNESS people.
10:20p Radiohead killing it with this marching band
10:22p Peed my pants they killed it.
10:28p Shafffftttt lol Dammmnn rightt
10:29p Dear Justin I want to have your kids, yesterday I went tothe nets game and so a kid that looked just like our son sincerely SB
10:32p The band reminds me of "Stomp"
10:39p "I'll Be Thereeeee" Everyone's effin with the penguin suits this year huh
10:55p If lil wayne comes out with his guitar im turning the tv off nooowww
10:56p I can't believe this Chrisb Brown/Rih shit
11:11p okay wayne you got best rap album of the yearrrrr....where did all these ppl come from?
11:17p TMZ: Chris Brown officially in the custody of LAPD bail is at 50k

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