Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Firstly(is that a word? Lace?)- Did anyone catch Puff on 106th today? Sorry but he had on a VERY disturbing white fur vest on smh.

Why is Lil Kim talking about myspace and being #1 on her boos page? I guess this is the 09 'computer love'
DJ Envy f/ T-Pain, Lil Kim & some more people- Download

Some more Holiday for that assss lol so excited bout his albummmm
Make That Sound

Apparently there's a movie coming out this year on the life of Aaliyah w/ canadian singer Keyshia Shante to play her role…nice.

PS- Highly doubt that is the official trailer


ariele said...

sounds lol
keisha did say she'd love to play her
so did meagan good *eyeroll*

Yves said...

That girl is pretty cute, hopefully she does a good job.