Tuesday, January 6, 2009

4 year old shoots his 17 yr old brother…smh. Where did this kid get a gun from??? I don't even post things like this too often but this right here just blew super dome.

Back to the music on a light Tuesday afternoon...

I SWEAR I got this song Sunday and it was taken down before I could post it!!!
My GF&BF aka Chrihanna- Bad Girl produced by Polow

"And she aint even famous but she got her own groupies" ;)

FYI- There's a little rumor about them being engaged haaaa that'd make my year.
Source: YBF

Kinda late on this one but I like….Recycled Wayne…but fuck it why not?

First Place Winner -Wayne f/ Swizz Beats, Boo, Curren$y & Mack Maine

Not sure if 50 realllly went in on Get It In but everyone seems to be bonkers for it….

...I'm not there yet, sorry mang

So Jim is really enjoying jumping on the up & coming (Thanks Lace aka Word Guru) rapper scene aye? First Cudi(:-X :-X :-X), Now Asher…Who's next? Mickey? Wale? Cool Kids? Pac Div? (lol Dwayne you got it ;)

I Love College Remix He's honestly been working my nerves lately I don't know why but I do like Scarz though…Been bumpin that lately.

Quote of The Day: "Yo, was you born with dat bob? Dat shit is mad perfect"


devon said...

i love your blog!!!

Rai said...

I thought he shot his babysitter?
...or was the babysitter the brother?