Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ughhh talk about "Guilty Pleasure" ay!

Ok, soooo! I'm super duper happy to post this video because it comes from one of my bestest buds in the game, Curtains --- sooo proud of you dude!

Couple new tracks as I'm winding down on posting NEW NEW music as I'm not trying to get myself in trouble.

Electrik Red- We Fuck You
Dono if ya'll know about Electrik Red but they're Dreams group and they sound just like him but just a girl version...Heard about this song a while ago, interesting lol

Huey f/ Trey Songz- No Make Up
Feeling the hook to this

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DeeDee said...

OKKK so how about, you follow my blog.

(Even tho I dont be posting tooo often)