Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sooo mad I didn't post this song, VERY weird of me due to the fact that it's from Chris but he has this new song called "Froze" that was supposed to be his first single but it got leaked and into the hands of ppl like me lol (I don't leak I just borrow from other leak-ers, big difference) Anyways I promise I'm not saying this cause it's him but it's a really GOOD song, good production(amd Im not saying that cause I spent half the day in the stu with Dallas&Net with the producers who did it HitBoy/Chase surfs up lol) , good lyrics, good execution people, like I dnt think ya'll understand how great the intro to this song excuse me while I play this song again for th 23569842th time :)

Another good ol episode of
"The Corner Office" LOL Enjoy people…"Catch Us On Twitter" I can't deal

Props to Lis for this one….Lace I think you'll dig this.
Jay/Santo- Brooklyn
Very creativvvveeee :)

Oh yea, and congrats to all the Grammy Nom's, especialllyyy Lu and Trey-- the underdogs of this game :)

And I DEF can't forget the Drake shit, he murdered the Say You Will cover ...

"Lost some of my hottest verses down in cabo, so if you find a bb with the sidescroll sell that muthafucka to the hottest rapper that I know cause they need it much more then I ever will" OH EM GEE
And I'm loving this
Cannon Ball song with Collin Munroe

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