Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've never ever seen people this excited to vote in my whole life…Like I literally started getting personal(not chain letters) emails, IM's and texts beginning 7 this morning…My Dad & Sis called me at 8am and it literally sounded like they were at a party LOL gotta love Steph's comment " Daddy is sucking Obama off mad hard right now" LOVE it! Then my 14 yr old brother hits me like "Vote Obama! We need change" likeee if that's not motivation then I dono what it is…for real, for real. Anyway, I havent voted yet but I will be leaving the office around 3:30p to head to queens to get my vote on :) first timer ya know, SUPER EXCITED---big day in history man…we poppin bottles!!! Owww!

Oh yea…new Kanye Song--Thanks to Raps for letting me know that my husband Cudi was on the hook lol...Def wasnt paying attn

And some new Beyonce tracks...not bad, not great :-/
Broken-Hearted Girl

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zILLa said...

The best part of "Anyway" is the hook too... I wonder why...