Monday, November 24, 2008

It's crazy how one little thing can prompt you to see a whole new you...Last wk my intern sent me a link to Steve-O's page (I never called him that btw) and put me on to his "words from..." posts that he's been doing lately and I read some and thought to myself "wow, this right here is pretty dope" then the homie Raps bought it to my attn. today for very funny reasons might I add, cause SB would never ask for a celebrity relationship/lifestyle in REAL LIFE, that right there is VERY CRAZY to me...Being in this industry I may run across it and if I do so be it but I'd never ASK for it....Anyways, let me carry on...I started to read more posts and it made me realize a lot of things...#1 being that I need to put in more, in life period. I look at my blog and look at blogs like Steve's and Rap's and they put in 100% into their work, meanwhile I I give it 50%...and as I was talking to one of the realest dudes I know and have mad love for--Curtains, I related that to my life because it's what I've been doing lately....I give this half ass performance and that shit doesn't get you anywhere, like I'm 22yrs old and make sure I'm sleep by 10p cause I need 8hours of sleep to function the next day--Like who does that?????? Sleep when you old!! I know I can do/ put out so much more and I haven't...Why? I have no clue but I def need some type of motivation cause I've been on E lately and its been hard, real past situation still has me FUCKED up even though I know he was put in my life for a reason that reason being to make me aware of what and how I should feel in a relationship, the loss of my grams has me messed up, what my future holds in general has me fucked up, and the fact that I can't buy my black LOUIE has me messed up!!(Kidding! No but for real...--Last wk I was 2 minutes from losing it and if it wasn't for some words from Curt I prolly wouldve lost it, true stills lol (as Lace would say). Anyways, I'm not gonna sit here and ramble just thought I'd share how I've been feeling lately...I'll be cool though, everyone goes thru their ups and downs...just gotta bounce back and do you.

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M* said...

i really loved ur post on Words From, thats so how i feel rite now in my life!!

i need a motivational Makeup ---its so crazy how im slackin and not given my full potential i kno i have and we all have. erggggghh.

p.s. --damn britney looks good no BlogMo.

p.s.s. --Keri did a great job in puttin sum guy candy in the vid. her and kelis kudos.