Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ciara took it to a WHOLE nother level with this video, likeeee she always steps her game up in videos but she really did it this time around…Chick can dance her ass off.

LOL For some reason the part where she drinks the dudes wine and spills champagne all over the place is soooo classy to me but gangsta at the same timee. Kind of disappointed because I didn’t see any car smashing but it's all good…Still a dope video.

Thought this song was going to be a bit faster, just cause of the pics I saw from the shoot but I guess she couldn’t do something along the same lines of Ciara…
If I Were A Boy

Oh yeah and congrats to T.I. And Atlantic... #1 and gold first week…568k Good stuff.

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zILLa said...

You KNOW standards wouldn't allow her to be busting windows... UNLESS she got caught. And no one wants Jaz to get caught. So they had to write a treatment that showed she was angry, without doing the illegal act, on some "I could have done ALL THIS SHIT, but instead, I did what the cameras can't show." OWW.