Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm BACK beeeetches :)
SURVIVED the VMA's lol thank god…Must say it was def a good experience--met a lot of people(I.E. CHRIS BROWN--GONNA HAVE HIS KIDS ONE DAY) and got to see all the ish that goes on behind the scenes…Partied a little--"House Of Hype" on Saturday was B 0 M B! Def copped out on Sundays event there but went to another spot that was OK…But yes LA is a DOPE place def going back sometime this year must hit up Kitson and Lisa Kline :) not gonna go into full detail--my closies know the deal and how it ALLL went down including my funny ass urban flight home…

Sooo back to the music :)
"Love Lockdown" <-- very dope song was in the middle of an interview and admiring es cargo lol but the lights and the visuals looked great and when I finally heard the whole song earlier this wk def LOVED….Waiting on MP3 if anyone out there in blog world has, PUHLZ send my way! For now here's a clip of the performance.

T.I. & Rihanna killed this---welll not really but I like to tell myself they did I was a bit disappointed in Rihanna's performance BUT she looked SUPER DUPER FLY sooo that's that.

Chrissy Poo performs Cupid by Sam Cooke haaaaa not sure if he was feeling the slacks and he CLEARLY runs out of breath towards the end--that's all the B Boying

Ok Jesse, not too shabby--Thx to Ms. Graves for this

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