Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ahhhhh I think I need a week off from work and fly to a private island somewhere in France (excuse me while I ramble on)
This week has seriously been hectic and I cannnoottt wait till it's over-- don't get me wrong I LOVE this like LOVE, so much work though…but you know me "B O S S E D UP!" so Im not complaining. Anyways last weekend I was in ATL for Ludaday and oh my how fun was that lol def had some downers though--got into a car accident with drunk drivers nothing major but still that's what I get for living the fast life lol, saw a man almost lose his life and almost drown to death (FYI Luda's prvt pool party was insane see pics here) …like it was kinda crazy but overall I had a bomb ass time and officially fell in love with Atlanta and an ATLien (literally) lol Loved him :) Sigghhhh…Anyways this wknd def heading to LA for the first time super excited but a little overwhelmed at the same time cause VMA's are a bit C R A S I-- buttttttttt, it's all good though cuzzzzzzzzz I'm B O S S E D UP Beeettchhhesss! LOL

Anyways dono if a lot of people know about Drake used to play the handicapped kid on "Degrassi" was introduced to his music a while back and he's shit is not bad at all…New song here called
"Ransom" with Wayne…Please say da babyyy!

Also, the very sexual Ciara dropped a song called "Go Girl" that Im bumpin kinda hard

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