Monday, August 25, 2008

Today marks another year of Aaliyah's death…gone but never forgotten…RIP

Ne-Yo performed "Closer" and "Ms Independent" last wk on F'N wasn’t too crazy about his "Closer" performance--liek it wasnt bad and the band sounded great but egh but "Independent" was very good.

Cassie also premiered her new video "Official Girl" f/ Lil Wayne….She did her thing in this one.

As for new music…

1st off because Dwayne LaFlower is a B E A S T
Swagger Like Us f/ The OFFICIAL all star line up

Keri Hilson has a couple good tracks

Slow Dance
Mic Check

I never post snippets of songs but these right here are aiiiigghhhtt
Brandy "First N Luv"
Chris Brown "My Yamaha Mama"

He also leaked some retardedness the other day too :( ugh
"Nasty Girl"

Praying that doesn’t grown on me like this shit down here did lol..not a bad song but not a great one neither.
Trey Songz- Hold It

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